Our services

Buying a property can be a huge emotional and financial commitment. Our advice and detailed information will provide you with the reassurance and peace of mind that your purchase is the right one for you!

Whether you’re buying a terraced house in listed Saltaire, an extensive property in Harrogate, a 17th Century farmhouse in Wharfedale. A bungalow, a flat, a semi-detached or a detached property, we understand your excitement, anxieties and motivations. There are NO silly or stupid questions…please ask away!


We offer three levels of survey and can advise which is right for you if you’re unsure which you need. The service that is right for you depends on your particular property (location, age, size, layout etc) and individual requirements. Please call 01274 584988 for a no-obligation consultation.

We appreciate one size does not always fit all and can also provide professional, bespoke advice, tailored to your needs.  We provide the reassurance to alleviate any worries about your future home.

QuoteOnce the report is complete, it doesn’t end there. You can expect ongoing support if needed.   Our surveyors are on hand to answer any questions and put potential defects into context.  The aim is to put your mind at ease, and reassure you of your decision to purchase.


This is where we value the property you want to purchase. This inspection will typically take 30-60 minutes and we will provide you with a short report, detailing the open market valuation and building insurance valuation. We carry these out for Matrimonial Valuations, Valuations for Probate, help to buy, insurance claims and other legal matters. We will also liaise on your behalf with Solicitors or the Valuation Office Agency.

We do not carry out valuations on behalf of mortgage lenders.


This is the most common report.  A Homebuyer Report is recommended for the vast majority of properties, that are of traditional construction and have not been significantly altered or extended. It provides a snapshot of the overall condition of the property and identifies those areas that need further investigation.  All accessible parts of the property including roof space will be examined.

The report includes key photographs of any defects and images of the roof and chimneys if appropriate.

By applying colour coded condition ratings to elements of the building, the services and any garages and permanent outbuildings, we will tell you whether defects are serious or urgent. This report will help you make an informed decision on what is a reasonable price to pay for the property.

 If required, we can include a property valuation and a figure for insurance purposes. The inspection can take up to four hours, with the output being a 20-30 page report outlining the condition of the property, putting any defects into context. A detailed explanation is conveyed to the potential buyer and we will talk through the report at length if needed.


The Building Survey is a more detailed, comprehensive report about the condition of a property. It takes several hours to complete and is recommended for unusual or dilapidated properties or properties that have known problems or have been significantly extended, altered or are listed.

Every accessible part of the property is inspected and all defects examined and repairs outlined. Technical information about the property’s construction and materials are detailed. Proposals are made for any further special inspections and subsequent work required on the property.  Full photographic evidence is presented.  The Building Survey can be tailored to your specific needs and individual requirements, for example where a conversion, alteration or renovation is planned.